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We provide truly rewarding and endorsed volunteer and internship opportunities in Uganda.
You can choose from any of our four major Uganda volunteer programs, you/your group irrespective of age, background, gender, skills or work experience because, we believe there is at least something important someone here in Uganda can learn from you.
We trust you can still meet these amazing people, learn and share with them in quite a lot of ways.
On completion, you gain from the exposure, interaction and engagements with numerous groups or communities that you meet during your volunteer program. You can choose from any of our four major volunteer programs. Join us now and start changing lives as you volunteer!


How we work

Love Uganda Foundation through Volunteering in Uganda gives you opportunity to volunteer and take active part in her various programs like Wildlife program that grants you maximum opportunity to do a safari whose money is used to support abandoned children, vulnerable elders and youths of Uganda, Community empowerment program that gives you opportunity to share you life changing skills with the Ugandan poor, education program – where you are able to teach in any of our partner school and share your insights.

We also have health program – where you can volunteer in any of our partner hospitals, medical center or train the community on health relater matter.

Volunteer in uganda

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Need to Ask Us Something Else?

If you have any questions that you can’t find in our FAQs section or you simply wish to find out a bit more information, get in touch with us via phone, direct email or even via social media!
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