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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering is humane activity that calls an individual or a group of people to give in their time and service to a good cause to the community in expectation of no pay (No gain) No matter your age, background or work experience, you will have a skill to volunteer that someone needs.

However even when there is no gain an individual gets an opportunity to use their talents with the community as well as developing new skills from the community where she/he is Volunteering thus improving human ways of life.

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Orphanage program


Orphanage/childcare program is a volunteer program set up to render support to orphaned, poor and marginalized children of Uganda who have not acquired parental support and have faced a number of challenges in life.

Disability Program

Disabilities have been defined by the World Health Organisation as an umbrella term that covers impairments, physical limitations and participation restrictions.

They class an impairment as being a problem in body function or structure, an activity limitation is defined as a difficulty that is encountered by an individual when they are performing a task or action and a participation restriction is described as being a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations.

Through these types of official definitions, we can understand that disabilities are very complex and are difficult to be accurately defined.

Education /Teaching Program

In communities around the World, there is an ongoing need for native English speakers to help provide lessons and instructions in both rural and urban schools. Most of the schools we place volunteers

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Our Latest Events

Take a view of our latest and upcoming events within Kampala and the surrounding provinces in Uganda.