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Dear friends, volunteers and well wishers; you can now view and share our website in most of the common languages across the world. click on any map that corresponds to the country of a given language. Thanks for your support and commitment to our cause.

Love Activity, Ruhijja-Kabale

There is a great need to reaching out to the Batwa community in the most remote areas of Kabale. Need for a better living among these natives is at a higher priority, among these include better education, clean water, basic life materials etc. Love Activity Ruhijja focuses on reaching out to the pygmies of Bwindi Impenetrable Forests as it is a campaign by the Ugandan government to sensitize and educate these people.

It is to take place on first weekend of September.

Join the cause today and support Ruhijja Love Activity.

Together, we can a make a difference.

Kampala Street Childrens’ Love Activity


Kampala Street Childrens’ Love Activity is an annual event, call it street childrens’ party where Volunteering in Uganda Organization alongside Love Uganda Foundation and many more partners come together to put up a party for all children living on streets of Kampala Capital City. A great venue is selected within the city centre probably a child-like recreation centre where children are served great meals, entertained by various musicians, fun activities, games and sports, competitions with a great MC, simple childlike workshops where basic life lessons are conducted which include health education, hygiene, Godly character etc. We crown it up with a great message from motivational speakers.

Both local and International volunteers are encouraged to be part. Keep following us up for more updates on this great upcoming event.

Together lets bring healing and restoration in the lives of these beautiful children.

Our Urban Development Plan Funding

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