Community Development

Community development is directed towards achieving improvements in community circumstances or the quality of community life; and this will normally involve working towards: changes in the nature or focus of service delivery,  changes driven or delivered by the community itself, changes involving shared decisions and actions typically through community planning processes; which is much the same as co-production.

Co-production may well be one of the most positive routes towards the vision in the Community Empowerment; as a ‘process where people work together to make change happen in their communities by having more power and influence over what matters to them’.

Community-Driven Development (CDD) programs operate on the principles of; transparency, participation, local empowerment, demand-responsiveness, greater downward accountability, and enhanced local capacity.

Experience has shown that; when given clear and transparent rules, access to information, appropriate capacity, and financial support, poor men and women can effectively organize to identify community priorities and address local problems by working in partnership with local governments and other supportive institutions.

The World Bank recognizes that; Community Driven Development approaches and actions are important elements of an effective poverty reduction and sustainable development strategy.

Our community development plan involves work alongside with local people on community development programs. This includes education, women’s empowerment, environmental monitoring, income generating activities, health management and mapping. All these can be done on Mondays, Fridays and weekends.