HIV/AIDS Program

In this program, volunteers work with local NGOs, clinics, hospitals, government institutions that focus on supporting vulnerable children/children born with HIV, people infected and affected with HIV. The aim of the project is to support people living with HIV/AIDS, providing treatment and care needed.

As a volunteer on the HIV/AIDS placement/program, you will have an opportunity to educate people more about the disease, causes and effects, through schools, community outreaches, home visits. You will be involved in healthcare education projects, where you are to assist our project teams in visiting rural communities and facilitating HIV/AIDS education and awareness classes among teenagers and adults. Volunteers are to be involved in providing care to children that have lost one or both parents as a result of HIV/AIDS, and this is to be done through comfort, educational games and other fun activities.

You will have a chance to work with HIV/AIDS activists in the community. Together with local volunteers, our volunteers work very closely with HIV/AIDS patients at private homes, hospitals and HIV/AIDS homes. Therefore the program gives you an opportunity to have a one on one/direct contact with the communities for which you are to educate, counsel, distribute food and drugs, as well have an interactive sessions with the HIV/AIDS patients. In this program, volunteers will also join the health team that works towards creating a public HIV/AIDS awareness campaign and distribute free condoms which is accompanied by sensitizing and educating the masses about the causes, effects/dangers of HIV/AIDS pandemic.

You will also work alongside the Community based organizations to provide counseling to both HIV/AIDS patients and affected, carrying on HIV testing exercises and helping out fill the patients’ referral forms.

Other volunteer opportunities in this program will be to work in the Home based care program in the community; to facilitate behavior change communication, to volunteer in the field of prevention of mother to child transmission.

Objectives of HIV/AIDS volunteer program:
1. To create awareness and deeper understanding on the challenges faced by the victims of      HIV/AIDS prevalence and offer volunteer support in the vulnerable communities.
2. To engage agents who come to impact with sustainable preventive measures so as to avoid more infection, and also support those infected and affected.
3. To create a network between the volunteer communities and the local beneficiaries, and   inculcate volunteering capacity to target the most affected areas.

Who can volunteer in this program:
Anybody with an open mind, passion and love for HIV/AIDS patients. You should as well be good at community mobilizing accompanied with flexibilty. Those with skills on HIV/AIDS testing, guidance and counseling, community health and food /nutrition(antiretroviral therapy)  projects are of great benefit to this program.


  • Blood testing
  • HIV/AIDS counselling
  • Treatment for patients
  • Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Availing vocational programs for the patients.

Skills/Qualification Needed

There are no specific skills or qualifications required for this project beyond a general understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and empathy for those infected. Experience with social and medical outreach is considered a plus but not mandatory. The knowledge in this program will help you immensely when interacting with patients and their families.