Youth Program

According to Wikipedia, The unemployment rate for young people ages 15–24 is 83%, ( UNICEF generally defines youth as being between the ages of 15 and 24 years old). in Uganda. This rate is even higher for those who have formal degrees and live in the urban area.This is due to the disconnect between the degree achieved and the vocational skills needed for the jobs that are in demand for workers.

Those without a degree are also not able to obtain jobs because they lack the skills needed for the position or they don’t have the resources such as land or capital. Some youth also have negative views on certain jobs so they are unwilling to take them if offered a position. Youth unemployment poses a serious political, economic, and social challenge to the country and its leadership.

The cycle is making it increasingly difficult for Uganda to break out of poverty. Informal sector work accounts for the majority of young workers in Uganda. 3.2% of youth work for waged employment, 90.9% work for informal employment, and 5.8% of the Ugandan youth are self-employed.

This calls for sensitization of the youth through sharing, success stories experimentation with different case studies ,acquistion of some important skills such as leadership,  at times even a financial push where needed.

On the other hand, youth are also encouraged to take part in community stimulating activities that include;

  • Leading and attending Events
  • Youth advisory programs
  • Aid work in remote parts of the country
  • Elementary and high school clubs
  • Development of projects and more,